Have a Browse For The Perfect Brow!

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They say that your eyes are the window to your soul and having the right frame around them is very important. Your brows have the ability to make or break a makeup look and they can be a fun way to really show your personality. In this post I will be showing you different brow looks and the products you will need to recreate them.


This style is classic and is your ‘go to’ brow style to accessorise your natural beauty. Popular look because it helps to create a fresh youthful face with minimal effort. 

natural brow


A precise pair of tweezers. These are absolutely essential with maintaining any brow look, but especially with this one. You can pick up a decent pair at Superdrug for as little as £2! This will help you remove any stray hairs from under the brow bone. 


Benefit Precisely My Brow is the perfect product when trying to achieve a natural brow. The thin pencil allows you to naturally fill in hair like lines into the sparse areas of your brows while the spoolie attached on the end helps blend through any harsh lines, making them look wonderfully thick throughout. These come in a brilliant shade range and retail for £20 a pencil. 

precisely my brow

Finish the look off with a pop of your favourite highlighter under your brow arch. 


Not for the faint hearted. This look is really fun and on trend. Let out your inner wild child by growing your brows out to their full potential and applying the right products to create a fluffy and unruly brow. 

feathered brow


Trusty tweezers. Use these guys to pluck any hairs that have gone a bit too wild and travelled too far down onto you lid space.

To create the textured fluffy look to your brows use two coloured thin brow pencils; one your natural hair colour and the other will need to be 2 shades above or below your natural shade depending on how light or dark your brows are. Like always, I would recommend Benefits Precisely My Brow. This is a long lasting product with great pigment. 

precisely brow pencils

Finish off this look with see-through brow gel or mascara (same thing really). Really ruffle the spoolie at the base of the brow hairs and flick the hairs in an upward motion. This sets the hairs all day in an upright fluffy looking position. MAX FACTOR do a clear brow gel for £6. 

clear brow gel


This look is very popular with Asian beauty but also looks great on people with very round faces (like myself). Sometimes having a very curved brow with a long tail can make very round shaped features seem droopy and down turned. This look has a very little, to no arch, with a slightly shorter tail and is great to counteract very round features. 

straight brow


To fill in the natural arch slightly you will need a product that will be long lasting. For this look I would suggest a pomade and powder combination. There are loads out there on the market but the one that has worked best for me is the Benefit Brow Zings. This is a little compact that contains both pomade and powder; as well as that it also contains mini tweezers and brush. This retails for £25 but has everything you need to create this perfectly straight brow. Just lightly use a mixture of both pomade and powder on the brush and gently brush in your straight line at the base, then work in the rest of the product through the brow. 

Finish this look of with clear brow gel, brushing the hairs straight. 

browzings brow


Many know this look as the famous ‘insta brow’. To create this look requires some pretty heavy duty makeup but done right and your brows will be on fleek in minutes. 

instagram brow


Firstly, you are going to need a full coverage concealer to ‘carve‘ out your brow. A cheap but effective concealer for this job is Revolutions Conceal And Define Concealer. This is basically a dupe for Tarte’s Shape Tape and for the price of £5 its AMAZING. Using a flat small concealer brush define the shape of your brow. 

conceal and define

Secondly, you will need a long lasting brow pomade. There are many out the market, but none are as long lasting as Benefits KA-BROW. This is a waterproof 14 hour lasting brow product. What more could you ask for?! Using a small angled brush apply the product along the base of the brow. Fill in the rest of the brow with the same product focusing more of it at the tail on the brow. This should create a smooth gradient from start to finish. 


Finish off by placing your favourite highlighter underneath the arch of your brow. 


Ariane xoxo


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