The Dyson Hairdryer… Is It Worth It?

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At the beginning of the year I splashed out on the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer to add to my hair kit. I thought I would give it a couple of months of use first before I made any judgements on it. This product has been very controversial, not only online but in person as well. I’ve had many a fellow hair stylist say ‘Ooooo are you sure that’s good enough for your kit?’ or ‘I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews so I just thought it was best not to buy it.’ Well you know what, if you are a hair stylist or do mobile hair and makeup I think this product is worth its weight in gold and here is why…

As a hair and makeup artist, a large portion of my job revolves around travelling to location, packing the right equipment to get the job done and also working out the logistics of how I and all my equipment get from A to B in one piece.  Therefore, I spend most of my spare time trying to master the fine art of packing everything in one suitcase without it weighing very much at all!

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is super compact and lightweight; this is because it doesn’t have a huge motor on the back of it weighing it down. The motor is located in the handle, which firstly, makes it easy on the arms if you are holding it for long periods of time, and also makes it SO easy to pack into a suitcase! More room for my products… yay!

Dyson Hairdryer Packaging. Photo source: My iPhone

Time is money in the world of business and especially in commercial shoots. So the quicker you can create a high quality look, the better. This hairdryer comes with three detachable magnetic heads which snap on and off in a second. No more faffing about with trying to secure the right head onto the nozzle of your hairdryer.

Dyson Hairdryer In Box. Photo Source: My iPhone

A key part of being a great hair and makeup artist is building a rapport with you’re client and making them feel comfortable and at ease throughout the glamming process. This can be hard to do when you have a big old noisy hairdryer whirring in the background. One of the best features I feel with this Supersonic Hairdryer is how quiet it is compared to other hairdryers. Even with it on full whack, everyone in the glam room can still chat and we don’t have to all sit in silence while hair is being done.

 The settings on this hairdryer are great and easy to use. There are only four buttons to work all of the features on this. One flick button to turn the hairdryer on and off, one button you can press three times to give you three levels of power, another button similar to the last where you press three times to get different levels of heat and the final button to blow out cold air. This hairdryer is very powerful and can get very hot which means I can blow dry frizzy hair very straight in not very long at all, leaving it sleek and smooth.

First Test On Mum Who Usually Has Very Curly/ Frizzy Hair. Photo Source: My iPhone

All in all I’m very happy I have added this into my kit. Its perfect for the job I need to do and I will be using it on my clients in years to come.

Hairdryer In Action With Miss GB. Video Source: @ariane.young_mua Instagram

Have you had a chance to try this hairdryer out yet? If so, what are your thoughts? I would love to hear in the comments!

Until next time,

Ariane xoxo

P.s: I have not been sponsored in anyway for this blog… but if Dyson is reading this I wouldn’t mind!


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